Kevin Durant Is The The Iron Man

The playoffs without LeBron is like an endless tug of war between relatively equal franchises. Outside of my Celtics being throughly emasculated by the Bucks, every series became a best-of-3 and possibly will end in an ultimate Game 7.

We’ve heaped deserving praise on to Giannis Antetokoumpo for developing impenetrable post moves transforming the Bucks from a middling high-40s team to a 60-win one four-wins away from their first NBA Finals in over four-decades, we forgot the established star bringing his game to new heights. The two-time defending champion Golden State Warriors are not the same juggernaut we’ve grown accustomed to over the years. Stephen Curry isn’t the reliable sharpshooter he once was and with the loss of DeMarcus Cousins to an achilles their frontline is embarrassingly depleted forced to rely on old friend Andrew Bogut to hold down the fort.

Naturally, it all falls on Kevin Durant. With Curry shooting below 40 percent for the series against the Houston Rockets his running mate Durant has averaged over 42 minutes in the last five-games and is the lone constant pulse of the Warriors offensive game. Last night Durant suffered a calf strain no doubt connected to the heavy workload he’s shouldered the last week or so. Hopefully it isn’t anything more server. If it is, then the Warriors who are one-game away from returning to the final-four are as good as dead against the Rockets.

For all the answers Mike D’Antoni seemed to conjure up for limiting the playmaking of Draymond Green or the outside shooting of Klay Thompson it’s the puzzle of Durant that’s never been solved and likely never will be. P.J Tucker repeatedly has been bested when covering the two-time Finals MVP and it’s reached the point where you almost want to let the 6 foot, 5 inch James Harden switch on to 6 foot, 9 inch Durant as a last ditch effort to Jedi Mind Trick him into disrupting the flow of the offense.

Averaging 33.2 points per game, Durant is crucial to Golden State’s chances of not just beating Houston, but also winning the whole thing. If Durant ever becomes compromised, be it because his calf strain is more severe than the team is letting on or simply the heavy duty minutes is just too much for his body to bare, then the Warriors will fall. K.D’s played the role of iron man this playoffs and he is nowhere near the finish line. He can be commended for almost single-handily saving their season.