This Loss Was Stupid and Dumb

This wasn’t a mixed bag. This was your absolute best case scenario affair culminating in an inexplicable kick to the nuts. From top to bottom the Patriots dominated the contest – and it wasn’t even close. Time of possession, yardage, first downs and third down conversations all Patriots.

But it only takes one asshole to ruin everything. Damian Harris was a workhorse and deserves credit, but in the red zone with a chance to win it in the end you cannot fumble the ball. Mistakes happen. It’s just you never wanna lose a game so abruptly. 

The Dolphins are a legitimate threat, even if their quarterback situation remains suspect. An electric wide receiving core of Jaylen Waddle and Devonte Parker could only deliver the ‘Phins 17. Meanwhile the Patriots and their often dismissed offensive core kept their poise in the face of bad field possession and momentum killer penalties. 

Mac Jones didn’t make a single error today, which is not something I expected to jot down from the rookies debut performance against last year’s sixth ranked defense. The Dolphins sent their best and Jones managed to keep his poise and make key throws. Drives didn’t stall because balls to open receivers were thrown to their shoe laces and not chests. 

Uncharacteristic sloppiness on the part of the Patriots defined the contest, right down to the Harris fumble. Lineman Justin Herron committed two unnecessary roughness penalties, once costing the Patriots seven-points which led to his benching. Rhamondre Stevenson committee a fumble that luckily didn’t amount to any points for the opposing side. But it lead to his benching nonetheless. He only received one carry. Hopefully next week vs New York he’ll be better. 

Otherwise the Patriots played their part of a rush-first team pushing around the opposing side, and Jones chipped in a crisp 29/39, 281 yards and a TD. No turnovers and only one sacks, which is a credit to the line holding even if their was the aforementioned sloppiness. 

Defensively fans have much to be proud of. Got tons of pressure on Tua Tagovailoa, adding two sacks and an interception. The team was melting down in its attempt at a late game execution and the Patriots brought the heat.

It simply hurts to lose this because I feel in my hearts of hearts the Dolphins are not the better team. 

I want to be optimistic but that usually leads me getting knee’d in the nuts. On the bright side you don’t win the Super Bowl in week one of the season. 

Author: sailboatstudios

Hack. Amateur. Professional quitter.

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