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Repetition defines our lives. The ability to stave off mental decline as we watch yahoos cheer the very people who’ll destroy life as we know it isn’t one to take lightly. To be so far from the levers of power, especially since once upon a time you believed we were so close to them, only to never grasp them is a cruel game we play on ourselves as much as our overlords do.

Sports and politics are intertwined in suffering. It’s differences stems from the kool-aid drinkers of the latter being more joyous and less questionable of authority than the former. If I can pinpoint what ills the American psyche in the briefest terms it be a misplacement of emotions. Nobody in sports is truly happy, those who are come across as sycophantic weirdos. Everyone on team Democrat currently is delirious with joy as they’ve returned to brunch. They are also guilty of being sycophants, but that leads them to admire people and never (and I mean never) question them. 

After a while you grow accustomed to the bad news, sometimes you even grow numb to it. It depends given the circumstances of your relationships to the event. The defeat of Nina Turner breaks my heart. Toss this L in with the others. Brent Welder, Allison Hartson, Ihssane Leckey, and of course Bernie Sanders. They’ll always be another progressive running in some area of this God forsaken country to get wrapped up in. Soon we’ll forget the pain and ready ourselves for more hurt. It’s like when the Celtics break my heart, they’ll be back and soon I’ll get wrapped up in whatever silly obstacles they find in their way pondering whether God really is toying with my delicate mental health. 

All I wanted this summer was the return of shooting guard Evan Fournier so we could perceive our flexibility in our rotation and, in my mind, be the second best team in the conference baring health. I do admire the Milwaukee Bucks in what they accomplished recently, but I was confident the Celtics could handle them. Maybe they still can, seeing as they stole two out of three from the Bucks prior to the Fournier deal happening. But out of respect I give Milwaukee the moniker of second best over my favorite team.

The contract for Fournier doesn’t seem one Boston would not do in a normal situation. Four years, $78 million ($19.5 per) isn’t very much. It’s right where experts pinned his value being. But Boston didn’t match. My guess is it’s either because ownership is being cheap or they believe Bradley Beal is coming next off-season so just let the chips fall as they may this year and keep the books clean.

“But what if he doesn’t sign?” is a question I seen bounced around by the wonderful people on That’s the risk you run, unfortunately. It is encouraging to see Beal nip trades in the bud, meaning he isn’t interested in entertaining suitors for his upcoming free agency beyond his own team and Boston. 

What hurts is I do not know how we achieve this without cutting loose Mr. Celtic Marcus Smart. Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown have broken the bank, and Smart is due an extension. Either we’ll see him moved this season for assets or we’ll feel obligated to play this season out if, for once in our lives, we enjoy a clean bill of health. 

That’s the other sticking point: we’re wrapping ourselves up in a potentially doomed season given how the situation regarding the leagues handily of Covid-19 has been laughably poor. It is very likely the Celtics experience the same woes they did previously and the team appears worse than they actually are. But the discourse dictators are so stupid they took it at face value making the pill all the more bitter to swallow. 

Covid lays in the grassy knolls waiting for the perfect opportunity to upend our season the moment we gain any sort of momentum. Hey, remember we started last season 8-3 before Tatum was diagnosed with Coronavirus? Seems like ages ago. 

For all and all, despite all my doom forecasting the roster remains solid and even as Brad Stevens has let Fournier walk, and elected not to overpay the parade of free agents that are a dime a dozen, the team will gel better if their health persists. 

It just never dose persist. 

Author: sailboatstudios

Hack. Amateur. Professional quitter.

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