Well This Sucks: Ainge Retires, Stevens Promoted

If only the Boston Celtics did not lose to a team everyone believed they were inferior to and facing numerous injuries and setbacks defined by unprecedented circumstances. IF ONLY!

I can’t believe the Miami Heat and Brooklyn Nets ran a 62-year old man with heart problems from his job of where he was universally praised for doing by people who don’t search for clout on Twitter or television. I just can’t believe it. 

It’s ironic I’ve been pushing for Stevens to be fired for close to two years now and now that I’ve gotten what I wanted I’m conflicted. Perhaps it’s because internally I can never allow myself to be happy. For happiness demands emotional investment and causes exhaustion on my part. And it is possible I will dearly miss Danny Ainge being the general manager as I had supreme confidence in his abilities, and I doubt Stevens. 

Like him or not Ainge was a bonafide swindler, capable of convincing teams to do what wasn’t in their best interests. If luck was on his side Ainge would have at least another championship to his pedigree. But for whatever reason it seems God favors the Los Angeles Lakers, and despises the Celtics. 

A new coach is something to be excited for.  New voice was needed and as Stevens cited he was burned out from the grind and in retrospect it was pretty visible. Coaching in basketball isn’t very important. Historically there’s like fifteen that ever actually mattered in history. The last two championship coaches are at best middle of the road.

Thinking in the grand scheme of things, maybe I’m putting too much emphasis on trades too. The Warriors didn’t make a big trade or draft anyone good after 2016. The Lakers did nothing right and landed LeBron because he wanted to make movies and used his connections to lure Anthony Davis to join him. And for Masai Ujiri all he really did was take advantage of a scornful, petty Greg Popovich. So just like real life, the person who actually was the best at his job was always undone by dumb luck. 

So what do I make of this shake up? This seemingly end of an era that brought tremendous comfort? I don’t know but I feel terrible at the moment as scared at the uncertain prospects of the future…

Author: sailboatstudios

Hack. Amateur. Professional quitter.

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