This Season Belongs To The Haters

On my sixth cup of coffee listening to “Here’s That Rainey Day” by Sammy Davis Jr. and Laurindo Almeida. The loses continue to pile up as the injures resist to subside. The resilient bunch I’ve grown to adore have been flattened. Our top-four guys logging a mere 28 minutes of time together. The ever revolving door of cast members causing an already top heavy roster to go into free fall.

Could it be the departure of the often injured Gordon Hayward had more of an impact than I’m willing to admit? If you ask me the way this season is progression the Celtics could have kept him in place and he’d certainly catch coronavirus after a hot start to the season, similar to last year when a Hayward renaissance came to abrupt end due to a broken hand thanks to a hard screen set by LaMarcus Aldridge.

The nerds will never admit it. The media idiots will never admit it. But no matter who Boston brought in the circumstances of this season was going to undo them before they even began. If everyone is playing under the plague you’ll have your benefactors and victims. The Sixers are certainly benefactors. Rarely having to play the opponents best players. The Celtics are the victims. Always missing a key bullet in the chamber.

I am outraged. Not to mention exhausted. What should the Celtics do with the $28 million trade exception? Should they let a season of Tatum and Brown go to waste? Quite possibly it’s already done that. Unless Danny Ainge and Brad Stevens have access to those vaccines Governor Andrew Cuomo is literally flushing down the toilet then nothing will change. The effects of this season will be felt for a generation even after Tatum’s career has been said and done.

The Nick Wright and Laker/LeBron cheerleaders will gloat that another year has come and passed and Boston has not won the championship. Tatum will be labeled overrated despite himself being open to the fact his lungs are still damaged as it hampers his stamina. Doesn’t matter. He’s a loser. The ghouls at ESPN, Bleacher Report, FS1 and TNT will dance on his grave. If only the Celtics franchise players could avoid traumatic fates they would have won more than one title since Larry Bird booted the Houston Rockets in ‘86. 

Len Bias. Reggie Lewis. Gordon Hayward. And now Jayson Tatum. Life isn’t fair. 

The narrative will be a cash-strapped Ainge should have worked some magic and landed a star to compliment Jaylen and Jayson. The Myles Turner/Gordon Hayward negotiations will go down as misappropriated criticism of Ainge as people will happily omit the fact regardless if the two parties came to an agreement the moratorium period still left Hayward as a free agent. Michael Jordan is still calling and offering him more money than the Pacers could have given.

I am no fan of Brad Stevens. I find his choice of rotations and passive manner rather vexing. However, the man isn’t operating with a full deck this season. A closer than it should have been contest vs Detroit last week ended in defeat when the already shorthanded Celtics missing Kemba and Smart couldn’t even keep Semi Ojeleye in the final period thanks to a leg injury.  

Meanwhile Grant Williams is running at least one fast brea for us a game. What are we doing here? This isn’t fair. The utter Hell that is the real world has infected our fairytale that is professional sports. 

For all intents and purposes the Celtics this season are done. It brings me no joy to say this. Only tears. I need my escapism. I want it. A las, I will not receive what I desperately desire. 

The blowhards will bust at our downfall. For it is their world we’re living in. 

The Celtics winning anything at this point is what I’d consider a political statement. One against the cold nature posters search for clout. A Celtics win is a victory for hope. A strike against the evil NBA front office shuttling players into Covid hot-spots around the country for escrow. A victory over the bourgeoisie NBAPA designed only so players like Chris Paul can get himself the supermax while being cavalier in their indifference towards their teammates catching a life threatening illness. 

Adam Silver is evil. All sports is evil. Everyone who covers it for a living is evil. Cold. Lacking empathy. Wannabe Ben Shapiros. (I know he calls himself a Celtics fan. That man has never watched a game in his life.)

They dance on our graves every day on social media and on our TV screens. How I loathe  them. 

Author: sailboatstudios

Hack. Amateur. Professional quitter.

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