Trade Hayward? Yeah, Probably. Trade Kanter? YES

If I had to pinpoint the reasons for the Celtics recent struggles after a strong start to begin the season, I’d blame the irrational heavy schedule featuring nine games in fourteen days. Teams like San Antonio, Detroit,  Milwaukee and Phoenix combining to shoot for 52.7 percent from the field. Playing Enes Kanter. Lastly, coming to the realization that Gordon Hayward will never, ever return to what he once was.

For a brief time it did appear he was in the process of doing just that before slamming his finger into a LaMarcus Aldridge screen. Prior to this, Hayward looked like an All-Star. Shooting 55 percent, averaging nearly 19 points nightly. Then, as fate would have it, he fell victim to circumstance and missed a couple of weeks, came back for a couple games then returned to the pine after sustaining another injury. Since returning on Christmas, Hayward’s shooting fell to 47 percent, as has his points per game to 15. 
Is it time to trade Hayward and focus more on The Jays? Well, it’s a very complicated subject… YES. 
Trade him. Do it. Do it now. While we’re at it, drop Kanter on anyone willing to take him. We can make it to the final dance if we get rid of Kanter and force Brad Stevens to play Grant Williams and, when he eventually returns, Robert Williams. 

Author: sailboatstudios

Hack. Amateur. Professional quitter.

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