No. The Celtics Shouldn’t Trade for Kevin Love

We’ve blinked and have already crossed the twenty-games threshold. Teams who’ve began with slow starts, all hope is not loss for many. Perhaps a trade could reinvigorate a stagnant roster. I say this and think of Portland. Following a low key disastrous summer, trading Maurice Harkless and Meyers Leonard for Hassan Whiteside,  Portland has taken noticeable steps backward. 

Perhaps the aforementioned Whiteside and a 1st round pick is enough to snag Kevin Love from the hands of Cleveland?  Love’s value is tough to gage. This isn’t 2014. Love is 31, declined and while serviceable he doesn’t have the allure he did five-years prior. 
Then, the Celtics had heavy interest in the All-Star and for a brief while were regarded as the favorites to land him. It took a LeBron James return to Cleveland to drastically shift the scales and push the Celtics out of contention. Now he’s available again, and the Celtics are (again) linked to him. It’s outrageous to even consider. Yes, the Celtics are weak at center. But Daniel Theis, Robert Williams, Grant Williams and even the vexing Enes Kanter better serve this roster because they don’t need touches, are better defensively and allow the three scoring forwards to do their work. Only way Boston can acquire Love is throwing in Gordon Hayward. It’s only been a handful of games and I would go on a killing spree if Danny Ainge did this swap.
The Celtics are 16-5 and if Hayward wasn’t hurt they’d have only one loss on the record. We’re here because we put focus on three two-way forwards and don’t need an over the hill, overpaid, irrelevant power forward. 

Author: sailboatstudios

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