Backdoor Cuts and Close-Outs, the Celtics Achilles Heel

In this era of position-less basketball, replacing lost production after the departure of Al Horford left open a hole that’s filled by not a center, but by guards and forwards making up for the loss of his offense. Career years from Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum, fantastic contributions from young buck Grant Williams. Williams and Daniel Theis have made a lowly 2 three-pointers between their 34 attempts. It’s a helluva accomplishment when players are able to contribute despite the crutch in this day and age. Theis and Grant have generated points via their passing and screen setting. While they are flawed, maybe even not ideal, they have done us proj us and deserve recognition. 

But how will Boston replace Horford’s defense. The C’s have fallen victim to backdoor cuts and leaving the corners bare. Can Grant’s defense jump up a level? He needs his legs to simply move faster to close out. Robert Williams needs to work on his awareness. Enes Kanter is giving an effort, and if you know Kanter that’s all you can ask for. But, simple elbow grease won’t fix this. Boston has a mini-crisis on their hands overshadowed by their hot 13-4 start. Maybe it’ll get better when Gordon Hayward returns?

Author: sailboatstudios

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