Early Season Celtics Report

We’ve been through the gauntlet already as Celtics fans. It’s a rerun of the memorable 2017-18 campaign only on a smaller scale and gone through, hopefully, faster. Gordon Hayward is out with a fractured hand on a fluke play. Kemba Walker is carted off the court after jamming his neck into the abs of Semi Ojeleye. Watching him be whisked off into the locker room, I assumed Walker was out for the season, and quite possibly his career was over and it was fair to even ponder whether he would ever walk again.

Fortunately, the diagnosis came back as a “sprained neck” and we can allow ourselves to hope for Walker’s return soon. While there’s no timetable for his comeback, we can pencil in Hayward’s date for around Christmas. Eventually, with the grace of God, the Celtics will field a fully healthy roster.

Currently, the “Hospital Celtics” sit at a respectable 12-4. Have gone toe-to-toe with the NBA’s best and have proven themselves to be no pushovers. Even Enes Kanter, the much maligned Neoliberal, looks solid in the brief doses Brad Stevens uses him. Obviously, he’s still the same turnstile on defense he’s been his whole career. On offense, he looks more comfortable and is setting screens getting our guys open. It’s a give and take, and so far on certain nights Kanter is giving us a lot of reasons why he belongs.

Jaylen Brown is making a serious case for himself as an All-Star. I don’t know what happened over the summer to rehabilitate his dribbling and on-ball decision making, suffice to say, it’s working and has brought the best out of Brown. This is the Brown we’ve had wet dreams about for years. We’ve been teased consistently and now here he is. And, perhaps, this is only the beginning for one of the Jays. As Jayson Tatum is showing improvements after a stagnant sophomore campaign. Tatum has cut back on the twos and let loose a constant barrage of three-point attempts.

We wait with baited breath for the return of Walker and Hayward. For all the heroics of Marcus Smart, his finishing around the rim drastically improved astonishingly from last season, this team is bare when it comes to scoring. Right now, it’s all about survival and winning the wars of attribution until the cavalry arrives.

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