The Celtics Don’t Need A Center

Haven’t you heard the news? The Boston Celtics are back! After losing the opener to the Philadelphia 76ers, they’ve rattled off eight straight victories. Taking down heavy hitters such as the Milwaukee Bucks, Toronto Raptors, San Antonio Spurs and the Dallas Mavericks along the way. While Gordon Hayward is sidelined at least until Christmas with a fractured left hand, and Kemba Walker couldn’t finish last night’s outing due to apparent back spasms. These setbacks are hopefully no more than minor and won’t derail what seems to be an epic bounce back season for the C’s.

Looking up and down the roster it is easy to see the main need for this team would be a center. Danny Ainge wasn’t able to replace Al Horford this summer. But who is the guy who can fill those shoes he left behind? Likely, no one. Besides, the center by committee done fairly well. Exceeding expectations. Theis is 8th in blocks per game (2.1), and a crazy + 18.6 net rating. Theis found his rhythm on offense improving his touch around the rim. Backup big man Robert Williams is also flourishing. Whereas, Theis doesn’t qualify for the the league leaders in net rating, Williams does and registers 6th (14.7). Williams is blocking nearly everything in sight and is a pick-and-roll menace. Running a 1.14 points per possession. Theis is 1.15.

Bottom line, perhaps the Celtics don’t need to trade a core piece of their group for a marginal improvement at center. Trading Jaylen Brown for Domantas Sabonis is idiotic. Trading Marcus Smart for Draymond Green is criminal negligence on the part of the Celtics. Unless Anthony Davis spectacularly becomes available, there is no center that’ll drastically raise Boston’s ceiling over night.

So where can they look to marginally improve their roster without giving up an arm and a leg? A couple of names come to mind: former Celtic guard Isaiah Thomas of Washington, and perimeter player C.J Miles from the same team. The Celtics aren’t short of wings, but they do need an extra guard that can come off the bench. Miles is a decent alternative to Brad Wanamaker if the Celtics don’t feel confident in him.

If it’s bench scoring, of which the Celtics tank last in, that remains a concern. Isaiah looks to have found his footing after years of meandering around the league post hip injury.

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