All-Star Jaylen Brown?

If I can pinpoint what’s the linchpins for the Celtics most crucial victories over the last two rollercoaster seasons it’s Jaylen Brown. No matter all that’s gone wrong for the Celtics and the looming question marks circulating Gordon Hayward’s health, Jayson Tatum’s ill-advised admiration of Kobe Bryant and is Enes Kanter going to cost us games he starts in the singular encouraging note for the Celtics is Brown’s development despite the ups and downs of the turmoil ridden 2018-19 season.

When Brown is on his game it is nearly impossible to overcome Boston. Call it hyperbole The Jays are well on their way to being their own version of C.J McCollum and Damien Lillard. While Tatum is on track to becoming a more athletic Paul Pierce, the trajectory of Brown is a bit more uncertain. As a starter Brown flourishes and he can look forward to having more free reign this season with Kyrie Irving, Terry Rozier and Marcus Morris gone.

Brown’s only started 83 games in his career his output is fairly encouraging:

Jaylen Brown (83 Games as Starter) 16.7 points – 5.5 rebounds – 1.5 assists – 1 steal – 48 FG% – 40 3P%

For context: Khris Middleton made the All-Star Game averaging 17 points off of 43 percent shooting.

Speaking of Middleton Brown statistically aligns with him and Danilo Gallinari around the same points of their respective careers.

09-10 Gallinari: 15.1 points – 4.9 rebounds – 1.7 assists – 42 FG% – 38 3P%

14-15 Middleton: 13.4 points – 2.3 assists – 4.4 rebounds – 40 FG% – 46 3P%

What they all have in common is they elevate their teams ceilings and push them to a higher level of contention. If the Celtics are to exceed expectations this season amidst the calamity their previous failure Jaylen Brown has to be the  guy who kicks it all off.

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