Enes Kanter Signs 2-Year Deal with a Celtics

Believing every year free agency will plunk all of the players you believe stand in the way of your team and the finals only to have more obstacles in your way than before is the equivalent touching a hot dinner plate after the waiter explicitly told you “don’t touch this.”

It doesn’t matter if Kawhi Leonard comes back to Toronto or not the East is relatively stronger than it was before June 30. Brooklyn made their dreams come true signing Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant; even though the latter is unable to participate in the 2019-20 season. Right after these deals were secured Sean Marks turned around and then offered 30-year-old center DeAndre Jordan four-years, $40 million because apparently this is 2015 and nobody told me. Elsewhere the Miami Heat moved enough pieces around their cluttered cap space to trade for Jimmy Butler and subsequently sign the All-Star to his full max. Philadelphia elected to spend their money on Tobias Harris, Al Horford and trade for defensive guard Josh Richardson, formerly of Miami. Brett Brown will have the greatest defensive lineup in his conference at his disposal.

Losing two of your best players is always disastrous even if Danny Ainge recovered from Kyrie by immediately signing Kemba Walker. You cannot duplicate Al Horford with Daniel Theis, Robert Williams and recently signed Enes Kanter. A great addition for the tiny change they had left over after they signed Kemba and moved Terry Rozier to Charlotte in a sign-and-trade. There are some rumblings according to the Boston Herald’s Steve Bulpett that the team is not yet done, but I doubt that. The only chess piece Boston can go after is DeMarcus Cousins and i am not sure if Brad Stevens wants to coach another knucklehead after seeing the destruction Kyrie was capable of.

Call me an optimist – and if you visit my Twitter account you know it’s better apt to label me as an “attention seeking loser” – but I am very confident in what this team currently is. From having too many mouths to feed the year before the Celtics can gain a lot by having too few and give the 11.3 shot attempts that once belonged to Marcus Morris and the 8.4 that are Rozier’s now can be distributed between The Jays and Hayward. They can play more freely and be relied on like in the 2018 playoffs. And I am a firm believer in The Jays reaching a higher level than we are accustomed to seeing them and Hayward gradually growing into the number one guy Boston envisioned him being way back when they signed him in 2017.

Give me the Celtics core four over Philadelphia and Brooklyn’s. Their biggest issue is at center and while Kanter doesn’t seem like the solution and a redux of failed reclamation projects for one dimensional rebounders who can’t defend (David Lee, Greg Monroe), the 27-year-old is more creditably playing the entire Trail Blazers postseason on a separated shoulder and defending reasonably well given his reputation. Regular season, per synergy scores Kanter in the 81st percentile behind Jonas Valanciunas when the primary target of the offense.

He averaged 22 minutes per game in Portland, scoring 13 points and snagging 8 rebounds. His offensive game screams poor man’s Brook Lopez before he learned to shoot three-pointers. Averaging 1.10 points per possession on post-ups, if Stevens can figure out how to incorporate a little bit of old school basketball into his system the Celtics would benefit greatly.

Stevens worked with worse players in the past and turned them into something better. Kanter may not have been the perfect signing, but with the little resources Boston had left you’re honestly picking between him, Noah Vonleh and Joakim Noah. All average, divisive players. Boston is a little small at center and needed some size. Kanter makes sense. Even if his fit doesn’t. The Celtics have a summer to figure out how they can squeeze him in.

Author: sailboatstudios

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