Kemba Linked To Celtics

Danny Ainge and company are back to their old tricks filling the media with various rumors to throw teams off the scent. During the draft the scuttlebutt was the Celtics are clearing cap space to re-sign Terry Rozier and Nikola Vucevic. Today Marc Stein of the New York Times reported Boston emerging as a “stealth suitor” for All-Star Charlotte Hornets point guard Kemba Walker, age 29.

Obviously Walker is a fantastic play hamstrung by general manager’s Michael Jordan’s unwillingness to pay the luxury tax coupled with saddling the roster with bad contracts. Walker on Boston next to The Jays and potentially a rejuvenated Gordon Hayward is all but guaranteed to help Boston achieve 50-wins and fun for the top of the east that’s currently uncertain.

With all that said it doesn’t make sense for Boston to commit to Walker when they are so thin on the bench and vulnerable at center. Signing Walker pushes one of Brown or Hayward out of the starting rotation and into the role of sixth man. But Ainge will have little money to work with to find a sufficient seventh and eighth man.

In all honesty, I’d rather re-sign Rozier if the price turns out to be a boon for the Celtics and pigeonhole him into the starting lineup next to Smart, have Hayward come off the bench and give the money to Vucevic (or Horford if that window isn’t shut. We’ll have a more well rounded team and Rozier is notoriously known for being a better starter than a reserve. Averaging a 13-5-5 in his fourteen games starting he is nowhere near an All-Star, but he is cheap and serviceable for what the team currently is.

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