What To Do With Marcus Morris?

What will the Celtics do with free agent Marcus Morris? Set to turn 30 in September Morris is coming off his best season where he acted as the glue that held the disorganized Celtics together before they ultimately fell apart. Morris was the lone constant for Boston. Making the best plays for himself and even for others. What’ll Ainge decide to do with his free agent starting forward isn’t even among one of the discussed topics of what’ll be an eventful off-season. We all assume Morris will take a large sack filled with money and play for whomever offered it. We also assume that team won’t and can’t be Boston.

It probably can and will. If years don’t matter to Morris then Boston can offer him a lot of cash to simply stay put if they strike out on all their other free agent targets. Sitting on potentially $34 million in space if Terry Rozier is pushed aside the Celtics can provide Morris with the money he desires and still have enough to replace Rozier or find a suitable center.

The argument against bringing him back aboard is Morris is a high volume starter and his presence blocks the likes of Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown and Gordon Hayward from taking the initiative and stepping into larger roles like the team obviously will prioritize this summer. You don’t pay Morris $20 million a season and have him play under 20 minutes a night. You pay him because despite all the talk of Hayward being better next year the Celtics remain pessimistic he’ll return to his pre-injury glory.

But the Celtics do sound like they are fully confident in Hayward. It’s extremely tricky to keep Morris, manage to feed him enough minutes to keep his value from dropping and to trade him for an asset before the February deadline.

Regardless if the Celtics swing and miss on everyone and are starting Robert Williams at center Ainge is better served to retain Morris to put Boston in a similar situation they were in with Jeff Green – later was traded to Memphis for the yet to have conveyed Grizzlies first-round pick.

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