It’s Boo Butt Time

Danny Ainge and his front office made it abundantly clear on draft night they don’t expect Kyrie Irving and Al Horford back and they’ve hated last season as much as the fans did. Drafting high character guys forgoing the possible head cases like Kevin Porter and Bol Bol with their four selections.

Draft night is also when Aron Baynes was traded to Phoenix for a first-rounder from Milwaukee in next year’s event and more cap space. As of now the Celtics sit at $24 million. If Terry Rozier is bumped off that rises up to $34 million. If they want to the Celtics can splurge on established centers like Nikola Vucevic to give their offense a much needed jolt after rudderless squad wavered as the year went on; they can still re-sign Marcus Morris to a small term but bountiful contract to trade him at the deadline for an asset or venture to free agency and sign a point guard if the doubt Marcus Smart can handle starting point guard duties.

Right now the Celtics are without a center. Grant Williams is intriguing, but he is only 6-7 so he can’t be expected to play much center, especially so soon.

So why did they trade Aron Baynes if Ainge is starring at a glaring hole at the five? Given what Baynes was this last season, an often injured player on the back-nine of his career you couldn’t possibly ride for 82-games – which Boston would have to. It’s easier to trade Baynes now for a tiny asset and gain some more finacial flexibility to address these needs in July.

How many minutes would the Celtics have to play Baynes a night now that Horford is gone? 32? He’d break down before Thanksgiving. We’d be crying for a return to the days of the maligned Daniel Theis.

There’s also an underlying possibility Ainge just wants to force Stevens to play the young guys more. Even if he signs a center the fact Baynes is no longer an option at backup center means Robert “Boo Butt” Williams. The 6-10 center that plays with reckless and abandon I am sure will lead to his untimely death. If James Dean was a basketball player it be “TimeLord.”

Williams is super raw, bouncy and I don’t even know if he can follow the script on other end of the floor. If the NBA ever introduces cameras which exclusively follow one player on the court at all times I suggest we keep an eye on Williams because he’ll either make you slap your head at his lack of awareness or scared he’d dunk the ball so hard the backboard would break, the ball would pop and side of the court where the dunk took place lights those in attendance on fire and they immediately turn to a smoldering pile of ash.

If he’s our starting center the Celtics would guarantee to have wasted a big year from The Jays. But goddamn wouldn’t it be fun to see?

Author: sailboatstudios

Hack. Amateur. Professional quitter.

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