Recapping Celtics Draft Night

Boston Celtics General Manager Danny Ainge sent all the signs to the public he is resigned to this era of competitive Celtics basketball coming to a premature, ugly close. For presumably a shellshocked organization in despair at their recent string of bad luck over the course of many months Ainge kicked off the rebuild in decent fashion.

Indiana University guard Romeo Langford fell in their laps at 14 and while I believed Kentucky’s Tyler Herro was all but assured a green and white jersey the Miami Heat beat Boston to the punch and snagged him. Langford was a five-star recruit leaving high school. Suffered a broken thumb and his shooting suffered. Shooting a miserable 28.9 percent from deep. But he is pretty lethal near the basket. Almost at James Harden levels. 60.4 percent on layup attempts. Langford has an act for getting to the free throw line. .491 free throw rate totally to 194 attempts, 7th in the Big 10 conference.

The Ringers’ Kevin O’Connor compares Langford to Larry Hughes. Now before you let your vague memory of Hughes being a sorry excuse for a running mate on LeBron’s ‘07 Cavaliers and the fact every team that ditched him (Philly, 2001; Cleveland, 2009; Chicago, 2009) all got better. Early 2000s Hughes served as Gilbert Arenas No. 2 and made an All-Defensive team in 2005. Langford turning into Hughes at 14 is so much better than Larry Hughes being Larry Hughes where he was taken (Over Dirk Nowitzki and Paul Pierce).

Langford’s body is an impressive 6-6, 215 pound and 6’11 wingspan he possesses the knowhow to compete on defense and can rebound quite a bit. A lot’s been made about Langford’s shooting woes, keep in mind the Celtics have turned plenty of non-shooters into average offensive threat, Marcus Smart and Jaylen Brown come to mind.

Langford turns 20 days prior to the beginning of the 2019-20 season. This pick possibly symbolizes two things: the departure of noted saboteur Terry Rozier and the dashing of dreams anybody had of Ainge offering Brooklyn Nets starting guard D’Angelo Russell. Apparently the Celtics front office is prioritizing cap space they currently have $25 million but can see an extra $9 million if they simply let Rozier walk in restricted free agency to another teams qualifying offer.

What will Ainge do with that space? No clue. But it’ll take us all by surprise. *Hears Shams say Ainge is prioritizing Nikola Vucevic and Terry Rozier* Ah. Never mind.

WE HAVE A DEAL! That coward named Daniel finally grew the balls to make a deal.

Big Australian Dick Aron Baynes moves to Phoenix for the Milwaukee Bucks 2020 top-7 protected first they sent over for Eric Bledsoe nearly two-years ago. On the off chance Giannis is hit by a truck and the Bucks pick doesn’t convey it’s unprotected in 2021.

First off, I will miss Baynes. Great teammate. Wonderful complimentary player. Never afraid to get dunked on and be a viral meme. No matter how many times Joel Embiid “Son’d” Baynes in the 2018 playoffs he always got back up and played shutdown defense on the next Shaq. Baynes fit the mentality of Boston like a glove. We’ll miss him. On the bright side the Suns have bought out Baynes and he is free to sign with any contender he wants. See haters, Ainge does care about his players and doesn’t view them as cattle he’ll shuffle to the slaughter once they are no longer useful to him.

Next the Celtics selected at No. 24 Washington guard Matisse Thybulle, also known as Marcus Smart Jr… Oh – he’s been traded to Philly. Damn! All that time I spent pretending to know what I am talking about wasted!

Thybulle to the Sixers in desperate need of capital to re-sign Tobias Harris and Jimmy Butler in less than two weeks, for pick 33 which became Purdue 6-1 guard Carsen Edwards. Edwards fails to meet six feet without shoes and managed to almost single-handedly knock off the eventual champion Virginia Cavaliers. Scoring 42, nailing 10 threes in a nail-bitter in the Elite 8.

All that is great but Edwards will need to work his game as a passer if he is survive in this league or else he risks becoming another college sensation, eventual professional flameout like Jimmer.

There is hope Edwards can develop as a defender despite his relatively puny stature. Sporting a 6’6 wingspan Edwards potentially can cut the mustard next to Marcus Smart.

One thing is for sure he’ll electrify Summer League and if that is a barometer for how he’ll do in the NBA he’ll be in China in about two-years.

Next is Big Daddy Grant Williams. Ah. I am quite fond of this man. I preferred him to his older teammate Admiral Schofield of Tennessee.

Fans of the “Thick, Jacked Frame” labels will love Williams. At 241 pounds Williams shows no hesitation inside and is willing to take the charge and draw contact. Averaging a block-and-a-half his three-years at Tennessee even if his 6’9.75 wingspan is underwhelming.

Williams averaged 6.4 free throw attempts during his three-seasons and shot 75.8 percent of his attempts. He’ll likely see the floor as a power forward as he is only 6-7 and too small to play small-ball five unless he is Draymond Green. Hmmmm…

Williams Age 20: 18.8 ppg, 7.5 rpg, 3.2 ast, 1.1 Spg, 1.5 bpg, 56.4 fg%
Draymond Age 20: 12.6 ppg, 8.6 rpg, 4.1 ast, 1.8 spg, 1.1 blk, 42.6 fg%

Hey. A guy can dream. Right?

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