C’s Should Pay These Players If Irving Leaves

So much negative coverage of the Boston Celtics lately. I get they have severely underperformed expectations and their superstar can up and leave them a month from now.

I am cautiously optimistic Kyrie Irving will re-sign with the Celtics. I believe he’ll value a situation where he can play sound, effective basketball and know he won’t find a superior spot in the NBA outside of Boston. Coming off a career-year, a personal best in assists and rebounds per game. It’s perplexing to see people assume Kyrie hates playing in Boston, that he is holding the team back and the Celtics shouldn’t even want him to come back. If Irving walks then the Celtics title window is closed until one of the Jays makes the leap – if they even do. Nothing is assured.

What-If Kyrie leaves? Well, looks like Terry Rozier will get his wish and not only takeover as the starter, but is set up for a handsome payday he most definitely doesn’t deserve, but will have the leverage to negotiate. Despite the recent disastrous season Rozier statistically is a promising prospect practically begging to start. Averaging a 13-5-5 in the fourteen games starting, versus the putrid 8-3-2 as a reserve. He is an absolute crater and an outright cancer this past season. But he’s only lobbed complaints towards Irving. If Irving departs then Rozier will have no qualms remaining in Boston. Besides, the Celtics without Irving are forced to shift towards asset accumulation mode and that’s exactly what Rozier is.

The same can be said for Marcus Morris. If Irving stays, like Rozier, Morris needs to be let go to free up minutes for various players already on the roster. No matter how you slice it up shots will be freed for Jaylen Brown, which is crucial to Boston doing better next season. Once Irving leaves the Celtics shouldn’t go bargain hunting in a somewhat promising free agent crop of cheap players. Boston owns Morris’ Bird rights. Perhaps Morris can be retained for $36 million for three-years; and Rozier for roughly a similar contract. You can do worse if you’re in the Celtics situation.

Author: sailboatstudios

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