I Blame Gordon Hayward

At last our nightmare is finally over. The Celtics of 2018-19 went out exactly how we feared they would when their backs are up against the wall. They crumbled at the first sign of adversity and readied themselves for a much needed vacation. Psychology I’m happy it’s over. It needed to end this way. After two-weeks into the regular season I figured this wasn’t the championship team I believed them to be. I slapped my forehead for not seeing the signs sooner. Returning All-Star Gordon Hayward failed to round out into form when the team needed him the most. The signs were all there. A follow-up surgery before the pre-season, ultimately being cleared for basketball activities as recently as September.

If you were to tell me the Celtics would not win 50-games due in large part to Hayward’s inability to at least play up to the level Evan Turner did during his tenure in Boston, I don’t know if I’d be shocked. It’s just the thought never entered my mind up until the season was well underway.

I can see how Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum and even veteran Marcus Morris felt discouraged at Brad Stevens willingness to let Hayward figure it out with no recourse for continuously not being able too. At any point if Boston decided to turn away from Hayward and give any of the Jays more pull the Celtics avoid this catastrophe and are still alive in the playoffs today. Game 4 was supposed to be Boston evening the score. Being a shell of what he once was Hayward didn’t contribute at all and the Celtics could not overcome him, let alone Giannis and the Bucks.

Stevens can be forgiven for giving Hayward chance after chance turn the corner. The front office simply invested too much resources into him and the freak accident that derailed his career and needed to be thrown into the fire. No doubt the Celtics will do the same next season only I assume his leash will be way shorter. If not the we should consider moving on from Stevens.

Author: sailboatstudios

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