Celtics Do Not Fear The Dear and Take Game 1

It’s almost never this easy. Trust me. I’ve been watching this team all season and I never once thought they had an absolute Mike Tyson-esq punch like the one they delivered to Milwaukee right square in the mouth. Boston stole home court advantage from the favored 60-win Milwaukee squad heading into Game 1 of the conference-semifinals on the road. Outmuscling the Giannis led frontcourt scoring 38 points in the paint whilst allowing 28 themselves.

Al Horford and Aron Baynes did all the dirty work inside acting as terrorizers that’ll no doubt cause Bucks head coach Mike Budenholzer nightmares between tonight and Tuesday’s Game 2. Boston was plus-7 in the rebounding battle, which turned out to be very crucial as Milwaukee attained 14-points via when they received a 2nd chance so Boston winning the glass is super important for future outings.

For all we’ve heard about how the Celtics are ready to self-destruct and this Milwaukee team a Kyrie Irving-less team defeated last season is not the same team the Bucks certainly looked no different from last April when Terry Rozier ran Eric (Drew) Bledsoe off the floor (yes I am running this dead joke into the ground). Bledsoe shot a pathetic 1 of 5 from the field while Irving soared to new heights scoring 26 and dropping 11 dimes in possibly the biggest win of his career outside of Game 7 against the Warriors in 2016.

Irving, Horford and Jaylen Brown combined for 65 points and this team is completely different when they can get three players rolling on offense simultaneously. We’ll see if this momentum will carry into Game 2.

Author: sailboatstudios

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