It’s All… Someone Else’s Fault

If you’re Bill Simmons, you’re panicking because your favorite team people accuse you of shamelessly shilling for – of which now he now needlessly maligns – you need someone to blame. So you take a quick scroll to to see who fits one or both of these two boxes “Who is getting paid the most” and “Who is a free agent, likely to leave in July.” The answer to both is Kyrie Irving. Also known as the lone source of offense for a team who battles constant streaks of being unable to put the orange, circular ball into the basket.

Yes. It’s Irving’s fault. All of it. Not Marcus Morris for reverting to Marcus Morris after flirting with a 50/40/90 the first half of the season. Not Terry Rozier for conspicuously losing the ability to play basketball. Not Brad Stevens; he’ll blame the coach he so smugly dubbed “The President,” but he can’t articulate why it is Stevens struggles. In the simplest way I can put it, he trots out the same exact lineups that’s proven to not work. His faith in T-Ro knows no bounds. Rozier will likely reclaim his spot in the rotation once he recovers from his minor knee injury and it’s no secret why. Anytime a player is a negative-9.4 when on the floor over the last five-games you can’t live without him.

For anyone who is hostile towards Irving’s apparent ball-stopping, what Rozier does is undoubtedly worse. He’s Irving on offense without the court-vision, handles and ability to throw a sufficient alley-op to the rolling big man.

Danny Ainge made one crucial mistake over the summer that neither I or anyone would have predicted at the time is his running back the same exact roster from last year hoping the returning players would smoothly fit into their respective, reduced roles with the returning superstars.

Author: sailboatstudios

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