The Boston Sporting Guy Podcast

Bill Simmons: Tonight on the B.S Pod my guests: Jon Favreau talks to me about the 2020 Democratic Primary. Is Kamala Harris the Steph Curry of politics? Nephew Kyle, you’re a young, healthy human being with functioning organs. Millennials can’t stop talking about her.

Nephew Kyle: One Nation Under A Groove!

B.S: Yah! *claps* She can really connect to the young people by speaking on their level.

Kyle: It’s her’s to lose.

B.S: All the polls I see, she leads substantially among young people.

Kyle: Actually, a new Emerson poll came out. Harris is polling at 8 percent with 18-34 year olds. Bernie Sanders scores at 44 percent-

B.S: ANYWAY! We have also Joe House to talk about his greatest McDonald’s Happy Meals. Then we’ll call my dad and talk about who wants to drive Kyrie Irving to the airport more and who is going to buy the New York Knicks from James Dolan.

Kyle: Didn’t he come out to say he’s not selling?


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