The First of Messidor of LeBron James

Karl Marx once said when summarizing the coup of 1852 in France, which saw the nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte crown himself emperor of the Second French Empire “History repeats … first as tragedy, then as farce.” This is applicable to LeBron James recent two stops and the instability he’s brought to each stop after seemingly coming to an understanding this be a multi-year project, in a few months we come to learn he had no such patience.

The reality is there no quick fix for the fledgling Lakers. You cannot trade half the roster for Anthony Davis, not only is it bad optics, the various assets the Lakers were reportedly willing to part with weren’t enticing to New Orleans who’d rather wait and see if Jayson Tatum of the Boston Celtics is on the block for their disgruntled star.

What we saw prior to the All-Star break was a power play from LeBron’s agent Rich Paul to essentially run the league. In this era of more power to the players, there are obvious limits to their abilities. Paul George, Kawhi Leonard and Anthony Davis can demand for a trade whenever they please. However, they cannot pick where they are to play unless they are free agents.

The numerous mouthpieces the Lakers have in the media beyond the friendly confines of their cable company worked tirelessly to paint L.A as loyal, forward-thinkers. In reality, this is the organization that panicked at 12:01 A.M July 1 and gift wrapped $136,000,000 to Luol Deng and Timofey Mozgov because general manager Mitch Kupchak did not know the NBA is run  mostly by conniving thieves who laugh at the NBA’s toothless tampering laws.

In reality, the Lakers are the same organization that sided with journeyman and now free agent Nick Young when then-rookie D’Angelo Russell videotaped the then-Laker having an affair. Normal teams don’t throw their rookie under the bus for Nick Fucking Young.

People will tell you the Lakers have changed since then. That the new regime of Magic Johnson, Rob Pelinka and Jeanie Buss is a much better work environment. In reality, the safe money is on Luke Walton being scapegoated for not meeting the ridiculous expectations L.A had for themselves coming into the season.

So why did LeBron willingly sign long term with this clown show? Just like when he returned to Cleveland the move made sense financially and presented more opportunities for LeBron to collect the necessary capital to one day buy a basketball team when he’s ready to hang it up.

LeBron James is a Laker solely to make movies, go to parties and get richer. And God bless him for it.

Author: sailboatstudios

Hack. Amateur. Professional quitter.

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