Time To Trade Marcus Morris

How do you know you’ve had too much of a good thing? Only when the gravy train comes to a screaming halt, when it is too late we realize we’ve overindulged.

This season been disappointing, a primary reason for this is the Celtics are just too darn talented for their own good. Marcus Morris calming presence for this utterly chaotic Celtics team, a year filled with uncertainty and inconsistency has been a much needed breath of fresh air. By far Morris is Boston’s best scorer, rim driver, passer and on some nights their best defender. Laugh at the notion if you must, Morris is an All-Star this season and quite possibly a recipient of an All-NBA Third Team slot. If the season ended today, I believe voters would be insane to overlook Morris unanimously.

That all being said, he is blocking the Celtics from two things:

1. The development more fruitful long term and short term players (Jaylen Brown & Gordon Hayward).

2. Forcing the Celtics to confront their bigger issues.

We’ve spent so much time maligning Terry Rozier (and deservingly so) for poor play, showing himself unable to keep the offense afloat leading the second unit. There are ways for the Celtics to fix this without even acknowledging Rozier. The embarrassment of riches at the guard and forward spots give Boston cover from this setbacks. The one place on the depth chart they absolutely have none is at center.

When Aron Baynes broke his hand a while ago, the Celtic clearly missed him in multiple ways. For not a lack of trying, Daniel Theis and Guerschon Yabusele have shown themselves unable to fill in the Australians shoes. They are prone to being bullied out of position and to commit needless fouls. I doubts in their pliability come playoffs.

Forget defense, the Celtics should absolutely fear catching themselves in the middle of a rock fight. As currently constructed they cannot win the rebounding battle and thus survive long scoring droughts. Al Horford is nursing knees inflicted with tendinitis, and Baynes is playing with a protective glove on his injured hand. The Celtics need insurance.

And Morris is the asset Danny Ainge can use to get that insurance.

Author: sailboatstudios

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