It’s Time To Tell Gordon The Bad News

Boston Celtics’ Gordon Hayward has been just informed he will be sent to the G-League to rehab with the Maine Red Claws, per @Sailboatstudios.

Okay, fine. So that didn’t happen. But it really should. Since returning to the court Hayward’s done more harm than good. Arguably, he’s the reason Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown have been disappointing to begin a season so many pegged the “Two Jay’s” to make a big leap. Brad Stevens is a little stubborn and it takes him a while to adjust. We like to believe his system isn’t as rigid as others, that he crafts strategy solely around the strengths and weaknesses of his personnel. But, that too, is a lie.

Going way back to 2015, Stevens established a role for Tyler Zeller. Yes, that same Tyler Zeller. So even as Zeller got beasted continually on the boards against the Cavaliers, he wasn’t going to insert Jonas Jerebko to utilize his stretch shooting to drag Timofey Mozgov out of the paint for anything in the world.

The same can be said for why Hayward continues to start and close games, despite the clear evidence he’s not all the way back yet. Stevens wants long, athletic shooting wings. The more the merrier. Well, Hayward isn’t athletic anymore. The cruel NBA Gods robbed him of that when they snapped his ankle like a tooth pick that faithful night in Cleveland that drastically changed the destiny of the franchise.

Even if Hayward works himself back to 70 percent of what he once was, he’ll be no match for Giannis, Butler or Kawhi when the playoffs roll around. His goose is cooked. Plain and simple.

The much anticipated lineup of Irving – Brown – Tatum – Hayward and Horford has been a dud the entire year, posting a god awful offensive rating of 91.4 and a plus – 0.1 net rating (I’m shocked that isn’t in the negative). Every game starts the same. The Celtics allow their opponent to get ahead by 15 points or more, because no one can shoot or drive to the rim. Wide open shots are missed, while simultaneously the opposing team makes wide open shots on the regular. When Hayward is off the floor and a rhythm is established, the Celtics go on a big run to climb out of the hole he is very responsible for them being in the first place. Then, Stevens’ big heart gets the best of him, puts Hayward back in to close and the Celtics falter and lose.

In the short span of time the Celtics have given to the Irving – Brown – Tatum – Morris – Horford lineup, their offensive rating soars to 113.7. The pace also slows to a snails pace, but that is probably how the Celtics should honestly play.

When Hayward is off the floor the Celtics ORtg rises to 111.4. Their mark for last season, when Hayward played barley five-minutes was 107.6.

The Celtics must come to grips with reality before things get so bad that there’s a locker room mutiny against Hayward. It’s time for the Hospital Celtics to return, with Kyrie Irving. It’s time for Aron Baynes to reclaim his spot as the starting center. It’s time for Marcus Smart to get more minutes. It’s time for the Celtics to move on from Hayward.

Author: sailboatstudios

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