I Hate The Warriors

In the third installment of the Golden State Warriors/Kevin Durant team-up, you’d think they’d be more complacent after two championships and their biggest competitor will likely never be seen in June again. Yet, these mighty Goliaths are stronger than ever. An off-season that saw the departures of JaVale McGee (Lakers) and David West (retirement) hasn’t yielded the negative results I expected.

Fans aren’t clutching their pearls as they anticipate the return of DeMarcus Cousins to shore up their front court rotation, little heralded free agent signee Jonas Jerebko is already doing that. While Jordan Bell is still learning the ropes, and Damian Jones is proven more of a negative than a positive when on the floor, the emergence of Jerebko crashing the defensive glass (Warriors DRB rate is an astronomical 82.4 when J.J is on the floor) saves Kerr the trouble of relying on Durant and Draymond Green early in the season. Jerebko also sparks the team’s offensive rating to 131.7 when on the floor, compared to a still impressive 120.9 with him off.

Another perceived weakness in this Warriors squad is the age of their rotational, crucial role-players, Andre Iguodala is 35, showing signs of slowing down and Shaun Livingston, 33, has missed 5 of the season’s first 9 games to start the year. Have no fear! Alfonzo McKinnie is here. Who?! Yah, the 26-year-old is basically Iguodala from the season before, averaging right around the same points and rebounds. It doesn’t matter first-round draftee Jacob Evans hasn’t panned out, Kerr plugs in the hungry McKinnie and the team barley misses a step.

An underlying issue I don’t see many people touching on, probably because Stephen Curry is looking like a bonafide MVP candidate once again, is backcourt teammate Klay Thompson is having his worse campaign shooting. 43.9% is nearly a 5 percent drop from last season; and 31.3% from three is his worst mark for his career by a country mile.

Adopting the Patriots mantra of “Ignore the Noise” the rumor mill is running loud about Durant jumping ship after this season (for whatever reason) if the Warriors win it all again. The players and coaches don’t seem concerned.

The Warriors are our national basketball nightmare and I have no clue when it’ll be over. Their infrastructure is to die for and things just always seem to work out for them. It’s a damn shame.

Author: sailboatstudios

Hack. Amateur. Professional quitter.

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